>I’ve been tagged. For the very firstest time : ) Thanks for thinking of me Hapkido?!


1) Post the rules on your blog.

2) Tell 5 random things about yourself.

3) Tag 3 people at the end of your post.

4) Pass on the tag.

Random things… ya know, since I only recently wrote my “about me” I’m gonna have to think about this to come up with 5 more random things…

1) I hate (fear) flying. But if you’ve read my about me you know I’ve been a lot of places that I couldn’t have gotten to without flying, so obviously I don’t let my irrational fear keep me from going places.

2) I have a parental form of PTSD. My third daughter was diagnosed with cancer when she was four years old, while we were in Europe on vacation. That time, the trauma of discovering her tumor – getting her into a hospital in a country with socialised medicine (that post is coming folks) – trying to get home a week before our scheduled flight at the height of tourist season – going straight from the airport to DUMC – and the following year and a half of trying to get her safely through treatment have messed with my ability to handle crisis.

3) I got my YMCA SCUBA certification when I was 12 years old.

4) I won an equitation class (judged totally on the rider) in a horse show when I was competing against a whole bunch of teenagers (I was 40ish) that ride all the time – I almost never rode by this point. and I WON, I WON, I WON, so there you snot nosed brats!!!!!!! the only class I ever won….

5) I once hand stitched an entire wedding gown from fabric that cost $300 a yard (my job at the time was sewing wedding gowns, prom dresses, etc)

hmm now whom to tag…

Jana at Speak,Dog! Speak!

vw bug at One Happy Dog Speaks , I mean it follows right?

and Joan of Argggg at Primordial Slack because himself likes to say “joan of Argggg!!!!!!” when he catches me reading her blog.

So there, another first for me 🙂

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pamibe
    May 16, 2009 @ 22:03:00

    >I’m afraid of flying too, but of course that doesn’t ground me. I whine a bit about the small planes, tho. ;)4) GO YOU! That rocks, Patti! 🙂


  2. Mrs. Who
    May 17, 2009 @ 13:53:00

    >2) Holy crap! I cannot imagine having to go through something like that. It’s not that you ‘can’t’ handle a crisis…it’s just that you’ve been through the worst, and most everything else doesn’t qualify as a crisis that needs the ‘handling’.


  3. patti
    May 17, 2009 @ 13:57:00

    >Unfortunatly I used up all my strong guts, so now if anything “might” be serious, I sort of loose it.


  4. Joanie
    May 17, 2009 @ 23:33:00

    >You’re a strong woman, Patti. And D3 is lucky to have a mom like you.Good for you on winning the equitation class against kids. You know what the difference is between you and them? Life experience. You know it’s all about going for it.


  5. vw bug
    May 19, 2009 @ 14:19:00

    >I love to hear about the equitation class! Way to go! And kids do seem to keep us hopping. I hope to hear the good news about your daughter in a post soon.


  6. Grammar Princess
    May 23, 2009 @ 23:29:17

    >She forgets to tell you that after that equitation class she totally bit the dust off jumping a dinky little line. I believe she landed in a puddle…Rosie loves you :)~D2


  7. patti
    May 31, 2009 @ 22:52:27

    >It was not a dinky little line – it was a big ol oxer and I never jumped one of those before and 40ish old ladies don’t bounce like you younguns do! Twit.


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