>Strange and Wonderful World

>Think back 20 years. Who’d a thunk it.

Spending today watching two transatlantic flights progress toward their destinations, literally watching on line for speed, altitude, time in air, time remaining, etc. Each carries some part of my family. Himself and the boy coming back from their European Vacation and D2 returning from her summer study at Oxford. The boys have been away most of July, D2 since mid June. The entire time D2 has been at Oxford I’ve been able to speak to her, even see her pretty face as we talk, as long and as often as I wanted (so long as she was in her room and could hear her computer “ring”) and all for free. Have been receiving multiple daily emails from himself via his blackberry – again, part of the “plan” so no extra charge. I’ve even already seen pictures from England via facebook as well as pictures from Austria and Hungary via email.

While at WeeMart I can whip out a little bitty thing that looks like a StarTrek communicator to call D3, wherever she is, to see if she needs anything. I can unlock my car and have the door open before I even get to it, then it will tell me if I have low pressure in a tire. When I arrive home the stuff I dumped into my little bread machine has filled my home with the lovely smell of fresh baked bread.

My horse gets an x-ray and there isn’t even a film to wait for, just an instant image that can then be emailed to my farrier – who can call it up on his computer in his truck to look at while he is trimming and building her shoes.

D3 can record comments made by a professional musician, as they are expressed, then email those comments straight to the person the comments pertained to – and that person can then play them back and hear exactly what was said. Recorded in one state, listened to in another. Music can be exchanged via YouTube from anywhere in the world, you can hear most any piece performed by a variety of musicians to hear their interpretation of the piece. D3 even has several music students living in Atlanta who receive weekly lessons, while she is either here or away at university – Skype!

Such a world we live in. Just musing, trying not to think about Obamacare….

Update – the boys are safely on the ground, now through customs they go. On the other hand D2’s plane is 45 behind schedule leaving her only an hour to deplane, go through customs, and change terminals to make her connection. I’m thinking she just might miss that. T’will be bad if that happens as it is the last connection to Charlotte of the evening and she’ll be stuck at Dulles overnight if she misses it…

Update #2 – D2s plane is on the ground. Now the waiting game to see if she makes her connection. Of course she foolishly left her phone on when she flew out so she has little or no battery to let us know what is happening on her end (left her charger at home too…). One way or another we should know in an hour and a half. Ah the pleasures of parenting 🙂

Undate #3 – Damn it! She got through customs and got her bag on the carousel for making her connection – but they didn’t hold the plane the 10 min she needed to make the flight so now she is stranded at Dulles. Damn it, Damn it, Damn it! She is currently in line at the British Air desk to see if they are going to put her up for the night (it was their flight that was 45 min late) and then she has to deal with US Air for a new flight tomorrow ? and to relocate her bags – which of course she checked with them, but then they left her. DAMN IT! Keep in mind to her it feels 5 hours later than it is, so at this moment, while she is trying to deal with the crap, she feels like she is doing it at 2a.m.

Update #4 – Now, at 10:15 pm (feels like 3:15 a.m. to her and she’s been going since early this morning) She has a room for the night, she has her bags, and she has a ticket for tomorrow morning. Thank goodness. But she has to get up early early to make the flight.

>One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

>White House economic advisor, Larry Summers says the economy is getting all better, see?

The number of people searching for the term “economic depression” on Google

is down to normal levels, Summers said.

Does it maybe occur to them that
1) everyone who needed to look that up has now done so
2) everyone who already knew what an economic depression was didn’t need to look it up
3) everyone who didn’t know how to look it up, now understands it all too well anyway and no longer needs to look it up?

What a stupid yardstick to use. What a moronic interpritation of the data. Good grief, the inmates are running the asylum.

>Taking a kick at Boxer

>Have a listen 🙂
Except when it comes to health care plan, which he doesn’t address until the end, he is fun to listen to for the most part.

>Say again?

>”You’re telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?’” Biden said. “The answer is yes, that’s what I’m telling you.”



>Ok, so I called my shiny new moronic Democrat Senator – Kay Hagan, man this woman is stupid, anyway I was calling to log my displeasure at the idea of socialised medicine. Opened the call with “how is the Senator planning to vote?”, knowing full well how the senator Will vote. Anyway, the do-be that answered the phone for her said “the Senator is in favor of a public option.” This is where I need help from you guys. You are all so much better with turns of phrase, please please send me suggestions of clever comebacks for the propagandic “public option” bull shit.

And I sure wish people would stop calling Democrats democratic. They are Democrats, she is a Democrat Senator, not a “Democratic Senator“. Makes them sound more correct than anyone else. I think both parties are supposed to be democratic representatives.

>slogging along

>Got an email from himself this morning. He and the boy are in Budapest for a couple days now. This is mildly amusing for us because we’ve been calling the boy “the Buddha Pest” since he was about two (due to a T shirt the grandparents brought back from a visit there) and asking him is he was “Hungary”. Anyhoo, so far the highlight of this little pit stop in their trip seems to be that there actually is A/C in their hotel. First A/C they’ve had in a week and it has been H-O-T. The boy wilts when asked to trudge along at daddy speed in the heat of concrete cities. Word is he is being a trooper about it all though.

That really is about it from these parts. House cleaning has slowed to a snail’s pace as it no longer seems feasible with D3 making messes as she goes. No painting happened – though I did collect some paint samples, so the first step is accomplished. All furniture that needed moving has been moved.

Not listening to news, makes me angry. Wish I could be blissfully ignorant like the majority of people in this country seem to be – but it just doesn’t sit well. Ah well, I’ll take a little break anyway – right after I call all those *&%^$%(@ supposed representatives I have over socialised medicine – again.

>Parental angst

>Sometimes the internet would be a good place to steer clear. It is making me more than a little nervous reading reports from Great Britain and London in particular with D2 there for more than two more weeks. The swine flu is picking up steam there and seems to be becoming a bit more nasty. I really could kick myself. We have a course of Tamiflu that was prescribed with D3 was headed to China at the height of the first round of fear, but as things had seemed to calm down, and reports were that the virus was mild in those who contracted it, I never even thought to toss the Tamiflu into D2’s bags. Now she is over there and I am trying not to panic over here. Arggg.

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