>slogging along

>Got an email from himself this morning. He and the boy are in Budapest for a couple days now. This is mildly amusing for us because we’ve been calling the boy “the Buddha Pest” since he was about two (due to a T shirt the grandparents brought back from a visit there) and asking him is he was “Hungary”. Anyhoo, so far the highlight of this little pit stop in their trip seems to be that there actually is A/C in their hotel. First A/C they’ve had in a week and it has been H-O-T. The boy wilts when asked to trudge along at daddy speed in the heat of concrete cities. Word is he is being a trooper about it all though.

That really is about it from these parts. House cleaning has slowed to a snail’s pace as it no longer seems feasible with D3 making messes as she goes. No painting happened – though I did collect some paint samples, so the first step is accomplished. All furniture that needed moving has been moved.

Not listening to news, makes me angry. Wish I could be blissfully ignorant like the majority of people in this country seem to be – but it just doesn’t sit well. Ah well, I’ll take a little break anyway – right after I call all those *&%^$%(@ supposed representatives I have over socialised medicine – again.


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  1. pamibe
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 15:21:06

    >Don't knock ignorance; it's saving my stomach lining! ;)'Buddha Pest'. heh…


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