>Here we go again…

>My son in law is having his sixth hip surgery in four years today (add to that he had gall bladder surgery in there too and the boy has had an awful lot of surgery). He has a congenital defect that causes excess bone to grow in his hip socket causing much pain, and he has some hyperactive nerve disorder which just magnifies his pain. The docs keep going in and cutting away the excess bone, but it just regenerates so he has to go through it over and over. I don’t understand why the docs don’t just give the boy new hips. They keep saying it is because he is too young (mid thirties now), but that really doesn’t make sense. Are they saying he must spend his young healthy years in constant pain and unable to work, then they’ll give him new hips when he is older, not as strong, and has had many years unemployed so that no one wants to hire him because he didn’t work for so long? Erggg.

At least they can now do the surgery arthroscopically. The first four of these surgeries they laid him open from hip to knee, unattached the ligaments and such, pulled the bone out of the socket to cut away the bone, then put it all back together. Recovery was terrible. Recovery is much quicker and easier now, but still no piece of cake.

Anyway, hoping for the best – again. The kids really need him to be able to work, but I don’t know that it will ever happen.

Update : Surgery is over. They took pictures this time, daughter says they look like something taken by the Hubble unless you know what you are looking at, I just say ewww. I asked her again why they will not do a hip replacement. She said she just asked the surgeon that same question. Doc says “wouldn’t be ethical”, still want to know how it is ethical to keep a young person in pain and incapacitated and just wait until they are older to fix the root of the problem. Whatever. The kids have been told that he should avoid sitting. Period. Seems the excess bone in front pushes the leg bone out of the socket in back and sitting just exacerbates that problem. So now the simple act of sitting is out. Good grief.



>Too close to home!

>This is right here in my town. Of course you’ve got to understand, this town would give Berkley a run for its money. But still…. oh good grief

Understand why I home school?

Update: I had this up BEFORE Rush played it, really and truely I did!

Update#2: Well, now FOX is on it – kind of interesting to watch this fire storm break locally. The school spokesperson is saying this is a small clip of a longer program taken out of context. Well of course it is, but it is not edited or rearranged or added to and it doesn’t matter how much longer the program was, this is still kids chanting about the O and chanting campaign retoric, and still disgusting. I don’t think there is context that would make this OK.

>and so it goes


>Animal farm?


This is disturbing, right?

>6 of one/half dozen of the other

>So yesterday the O made his first speech to the UN. I don’t know how much the rest of you heard or read, but it steamed me (not that it was anything new – same speech he’s been giving all over the world anyway).
Then Mymood I’minajihad spoke to the same body later in the day – some time after mo’mar’s hour and a half rant and looney toon diatribe.

Here is my puzzlement – the US delegation walked out on old I’maDinnerJacket but not on the O? Was there a difference between the two speeches? Because, for the life of me, I can’t find any.

Can any of you help me with this? Obviously I am just too stupid to find the difference even though I am sure it is just glaring.

>La ti da

>Verily, the waters did recede and the clouds did part. And low, the sun did breaketh through and shone upon the mountains. But the horses, ah the horses were covered in mud upon their bodies and did have mud packed into their hooves, yet they- not being cloven – were good hooves. The dogs did bark with excitement when they heard the word of the boy, and the boy said “let’s go for a walk” and the dogs did run to the hooks where dwelt the collars and the leashes. Verily I say unto you, the dogs were happy dogs – yes they were. The dogs were happy because, being prissy of dogginess, they do prefer not to poop in the rain – so now, to their joy and delight, they may walk upon the ground and do their business and uncrosseth their legs.


>Me and my man Noah are commencing building an ark…

>I’m Baaaack

>Yeah, and I’m exhausted, maybe a little brain numb too.

It was a very busy ten day trip – worked from 7 am until 7-8- or even 9 pm every day except one.

That one day was Sat, September 12 – on that day my eldest, youngest, and I all got up a little after 4 am and hit the road by 5 am. We drove to the Franconia Station in Springfield VA, where we spent nearly an hour in a crammed full, huge room waiting our turn to buy tickets for the train into DC. My husband had said the week before that unless enough people gathered in DC to overwhelm the system, no one would pay any attention to us. When we walked toward the station and saw that the crowd swelled out the door just trying to buy tickets I knew we had a very good chance of indeed overwhelming the system. Metro workers were saying they’d never seen anything like the crowd and a couple locals I spoke to said the lines had been like that since about 8-8:30 am (we arrived a little after 10am) The train we rode in on was packed to the gills (did you know trains have gills?)

The crowd was simply amazing. I hate crowds, but this one time I found it exciting and exhilarating. The two most noticeable things to me (aside from the sheer magnitude of the crowd) was how clean things stayed – all day – and how happy and excited everyone seemed to be. For an angry mob there sure were a lot of smiles and laughter. It is my belief that people were delighted to see so many others who were of like mind and cared enough to do what it took to get to DC on that one day. I was proud to be a part.

How many were there? I really couldn’t say, but I’ll tell you this – the area we ended up in was packed and I’ve not seen that area on any of the pictures shown on TV. Police tried to keep people out of some areas, but the volume of humanity made their attempts moot. We spilled into many areas we were not supposed to be. And the idea that there were maybe a hundred thousand is ludicrous. It was also nearly impossible to make a cell phone call. The lines were jammed full.

Here are a few pictures from the day. I didn’t have a sign, I’m not nearly so clever as many of those who did have them, but I did very proudly wear my Vive la Reagan Revolution T-shirt (red – black graphics, you get the idea :)…

The lady with the flag in front of the police car was giving this poor cop down the road. The cop was yelling at the crowd as we streamed up from the metro station that we needed to hurry because he was going to reopen the road. The woman was telling him there was no way she was going to let him open the road back up as there were still thousands of people arriving and it would be Tiananmen Square in DC if he tried to stop us. She was a hoot. The cop gave in.

The bikers are for you Dogette, thought of you as soon as I saw them. They were awsome folks too.

Notice the Joe Wilson 2012 sign. Joe was a big hero of the day, along with Glenn of course. If Joe got $5 from everyone who either carried a “You Lie” sign, or a “I Stand With Joe” sign or home made T-shirt – his coffers would be in very good shape right now. Also notice how clean the street is, we were more toward the end of the march and toward the beginning – just sayin.

Embiggen the Obama/telepromter sign – it’s worth it (heehee)

Can I hear a hearty AMEN!

My two very favorite signs – both these folks had a steady stream of people trying to get pictures of their signs. The seven dorks are worth embiggening to read the names, heeheehee.

Don’t step in Congress….

If you enlarge these photos and look at the faces you will see us all, we the people – just the folks. These are the people who make this country work. I’m not sure how Pelosi and her ilk get away with calling these folks an angry mob- potential domestic terrorists… honestly I don’t understand them

Wish I’d gotten a picture of the 80ish year old woman with the WTF sign, I loved her!

And finally, as we were walking out, someone had strategically posititoned their sign…

It is good to be home, missed you guys – no computer for me to play with while away, no time or energy even if I’d had one.

>Gotta go do the mom thing

>I’ll be out of the loop for the next 7-10 days while I go help D1 get stuff taken care of. Don’t know if I’ll have access to a computer or not. Hers is busted but she is supposed to get a new one issued (from the school where she teaches) soon. Just don’t know if it will be while I’m there.

Anyway, keep stuff together – and watch for me on the coverage for the Tea Party in DC on the 12th. Barring a major storm, I’ll be there.

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