>One if by land….

>Folks I’ve recommended before and I’m doing it again – if you are not watching or listening to Glenn Beck at least a couple times a week, you are missing information that is vital.

So many times in the history of man events have led to critical moments and events. Then we, once these events are in fact history, read of all the threads that came together to weave the fabric of world changing moments. Hitler’s Germany, 9/11/01, the fall of the Roman Empire, the American Revolution, the Civil War, Moa’s China, the Russian Revolution – after the fact we see information laid out and think why couldn’t people see it coming? How did the world come to this?

I believe we are in similar world changing times. Glenn gives us many of the threads, information on people working in our government and influencing events right now, that you will not get any where else. At least not yet, I fear that without the knowledge of these people and their driving intentions, the only time we will see all this information is when it is all too late.

Please watch, I know Glenn is a bit nuts – sometimes over the top, a self proclaimed rodeo clown – and certainly emotional – but the information he is giving is very well researched and he has yet to be proven wrong on even one of the people he has exposed. Glenn has resources we don’t have ourselves to get the facts. He is laying it before us, trying desperately to expose the evil behind events – take advantage before it is too late and before the powers that be find a way to shut him down.

These are frightening days, seriously. I believe our freedom of speech/expression is our most important right and from it flow all the others. The progressive movement is coming for that right now – and they are doing it with propaganda that will be very effective with the young and ignorant – and you know how many ignorant are out there. Net neutrality folks – watch for it.

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  1. pamibe
    Oct 30, 2009 @ 15:51:52

    >I don't have cable but I could be going to his site… I just have *so* many that I go through in a day…Honestly, when I did have the means to watch I just couldn't watch. I have been listening to Rush for 20 years; guess I'm used to his way of getting the message out, ya know?


  2. p
    Oct 30, 2009 @ 15:55:59

    >Glenn is telling us more than Rush is right now.I think Rush is letting Glenn have his thing and supporting when needed or asked.


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