>Random thoughts from a meandering mind…

>Mr. Singed His Naughty Bits’ father told the US embassy weeks ago that he was concerned about his son’s religious beliefs, yet our bureaucrats didn’t think Boomboom Britches needed closer scrutiny? What is that about? Can you hear him NOW?!

So, when the shoe bomber tried to use this same stuff in his Nikes we all had to start taking off our shoes before getting on a plane. Does this mean now we’ll all have to take off our underwear in the security line?

Did you know this stuff can’t be detected by a magnetometer? I would have thought explosives would be magnetic, right? Cheeze, go figure. Maybe now they will install those machines that puff at you to detect explosives – maybe? Oh wait, no, they will install the machines where TSA yayas can look at you naked instead – and of course not let us read or go potty for the last hour of a flight. Like the eegit couldn’t have tried the same maneuver while still over the ocean. I mean, someone would only do this sort of thing in the last hour of a flight right? duh…

And then today the poor Nigerian with tummy trouble gets the full treatment when he will not let the flight attendant in with him as his guts are trying to turn him inside out. Would YOU open the lav door on a jet full of people if you were in the throws of intestinal distress? just sayin. Poor guy. Nothing like shutting the barn door after the cow is out. Of course I have a certain empathy for the man due to the extreme pain I experienced on our return flight last month, no way I could have remained seated that last hour of the flight, in fact the last 3 or 4 hours I debated whether or not I might be having a heart attack, I’m talking PAIN.

Ah well, the monkeys continue to be in charge and we just have to suck it up and deal.

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  1. pamibe
    Dec 28, 2009 @ 12:04:06

    >Knee jerk reactions are usually not wise, as this instance plainly shows.Where are the explosive-sniffing dogs? They should be at every airport… If foreign airports can't get with the program we need to stop doing business there… yeah, I lead an insulated, fantasy life… šŸ˜‰


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