>Brrr… updated


update: The icicles on this bush are the result of snow melt dripping off my roof then refreezing into the ice daggers. Bush is the first plant life off my front entry.
Tonight they are telling us there will be more frozen stuff. Freezing rain this time. Ugg.

>Snowy Saturdays and other fine things…

>This time we had a little warning. About a day and a half/two days before the forces of winter were unleashed upon us, the weather prognosticators began clanging the bells of doom so that we could load up on cheetos, TP, and sweetened condensed milk (snow cream don’t cha know). Every AA battery in the state has been snapped up and there is not a bottle of water to be found. Prep here involved hours of packing in stove wood and filling barrels of water at the stable where my horse lives – they are on a well and, if the power goes out, melting snow for 18 horses then hand carrying it from the wood stove to the barn is not a pleasant proposition. Anyway, all that could be done was done. At 2:30 PM my super secret supposed expert weather geek update stated no precip would begin until just after sunset, it was 40 degrees, and I thought I was good to make a three o’clock last run to the barn to help get all the equines snuggled in for their long winter’s nap. Thirty min later, the snow started (newsflash, the sun has not set at 3PM) – once the snow started the temp fell eight degrees in less than thirty min.

After half an hour of white pestilence falling from the sky, my front yard looked like this:

My back deck after three hours of weather:

This morning we awoke to this:

If you look to the trees in both the last shot you will see in the first that the trees are beautifully caked in snow – nothing prettier – but in the second the trees are clear of snow. That is because when we got up it had been sleet and freezing rain for a few hours. An interesting lesson in meteorology – snowing at 40 degrees – sleet and freezing rain at 27 degrees, shows how important the temps above ground level are in determining what we specks of human life are left to deal with – fluffy snow or snow with a crust of ice on top. When we went to bed the snow on the rail was a smooth wall, this morning we have parapets of snow.

The corgis love the snow. This is Gus snow swimming.

A few minutes later there are ant paths and puppy prints. Those holes scattered outside the paths are not foot prints – they are the holes left from snow swimming.

What are they doing in the snow? Why playing frisbee of course. There is nothing in this world (other than food) that Fiona loves more than playing frisbee. “Frisbee boy, throw the frisbee, wanna play frisbee? Here it is, I’ll even drop it on you so you don’t have to get it. See? Frisbee! Throw it, throw it, throw it…”

Oh yeah, watching corgis try to navicate in twelve inches of snow is pretty darned entertaining.

>Barry’s words to us

>In a nutshell, in his SOTU, Barry told us to STFU.

My response, NO!

>A Rose by any other name

>Would still smell like a horse 🙂

Here she is, once again.

I continue to patiently pamper and tend her every need – she continues to limp, though much less – and on the OTHER foot. arg

>Listy lists

>1 – I hear the O is going to campaign for Harry Reid. I’d pay to have him campaign for Nanci Pelosi. Well, not really, but I hope he does. I’d be grand. Knowum sayin’?

2 – And Supreme Court? Thumbs up for finally ruling in favor of the first amendment (campaign finance).

3 – My yard is finally cleaned up. Yup, it is Jan 22 and the leaves are finally off the yard. Thanks to my buddy with the lawn care business who finally had time to come clean it up for me (I’m too old and decrepit to do it myself and my family will not help). He did it all in the cold and rain yesterday. Three men, using machinery (blowers, rakes, and tarps) took 3 hours to get it all done. Shows how bad it was.

4 – My horse is still standing in her stall. She seems to be just fine on the foot that had surgery. Now she is off on the other foot – Erggg. Still losing at least two hours per day taking care of her. But on the other hand, it gets me outside and with the equines every day and that is good therapy – both mental and physical.

5 – Trying to lose weight and get fit. Working hard, but actually sort of enjoying the workouts. Thank you to my partners in the process, we are going to take the summer wardrobe by storm this year. Just you wait.

6 – That’s all I’ve got.


>It’s basketball season. Basketball is the only team sport the boy participates in. He attends Cross Fire basketball camp in the summer then plays church league Upward basketball Dec through Feb. It is good for him and he has a good time. This year his age group is so small there are only two teams so he plays the same team each week. It was like that last year too, but this year apparently there is also a coach shortage as both teams share a coach – practice and scrimmage with each other each week as well. He doesn’t seem to mind. He is no stellar athlete but he tries hard. Never been a great shooter but he usually gets a basket or two per game. What he does pretty darned well is defense. He scapes and scrambles with the best of them and keeps the player matched against him running the whole game. Not a bad ball handler either, though sometimes he is not as tuned in to the passing game as he should be. He is the third shortest player on the court. But the cutest…

These pics are from the first game of the season.

Pre-game prayer (boy forgot to kneel)

And the season shocker, my boy got the first basket of the year by either team. For his team he was the only scorer for quite a while.

This past week he tied his career high with five baskets. It was FANTASTIC! 🙂

>Blogger buddy

>Foot warmer, computer pal:

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