>Temper tantrum

>Charlie, you are no Joe Lieberman. Can’t get the party nomination so you’ll just pitch a little fit and run as an Independent? From what I am hearing, that is not going to help you much Charlie.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my concerns about Mr Rubio, and I don’t even live in Florida, so my opinion matters not one wit.

But reaching out to Rahm? Not your smartest move Charlie. And the very fact that you would reach out to Rahm demonstrates why Mr Rubio is kicking your ass…


>Catch of the day…


Sorry guys, no Koi in sight – no marlin either, but there was sushi 🙂

>Gone Fishing….

>Will report in with the catch of the day, upon my return…

>snakes, naked, flowers, small victories, and one

>Today makes one year here. First Bloggerversary for me.

Small victory – Rose outside eating calmly, not threatening to jump a gate – sound for three weeks straight now.

The pony is all naked now. He tells me he feels much better, and he is very glad to finally be done with the clippers.

Spring flowers in the yard – spring is by far the best season in my yard.

Love my pink dogwood

And the little snake I almost stepped on while taking flower pictures – don’t know which of us was more surprised.

run away, run away!

Now I must shave the boy’s head, and mow the weeds – I detect a pattern in my activities of late…

>What happens when you cross a crazy lady with a pair of clippers and an unsuspecting hairy pony…


>This just in…

>Sent to me by someone near and dear…

Four men demonstrated how smart their cats were. The engineer’s cat took pencil and paper and drew a circle, a square and a triangle. The accountant’s cat divided a dozen cookies into four equal piles. The chemist’s tabby poured a glass of milk without spilling a drop. And the government employee’s fat cat? He ate the cookies, drank the milk, wee-weed on the paper, filed a grievance report for unsafe working conditions, put in for workers compensation then went home the rest of the day on sick leave

>Heard round the house this morning…

>”Ya know, the Easter Bunny is a bit of a creeper – at least you know how Santa gets in the house…”

I’m tired – to the bone, raggedy tired. I’ve been busting my late 40ish butt trying to shed some fat, hard to do at my age. Cut calories, changed my whole outlook as far as food is concerned – walking hard and fast on the treadmill 45 min every morning, with weights on both ankles and wrists – then another alternating workout every evening, an hour each night but a different workout each night. Some nights resistance, some core, some yoga, some stretching, even some “Kenpo Karate”.

I’ve been taking care of the horse twice a day – cleaning her stall, feeding her special gourmet diet, wrapping and unwrapping her legs on an alternating schedule, riding her twice a day and hand grazing her both trips each day…trying to get her to the point that we can start turning her out and just letting her be a horse again (almost there I think!).

I’ve been supervising the boy’s test prep and this week administering his year end tests (though he will not actually be done with the school year for a few more weeks). And then all the normal home maker mom kind of things that must be done. Plus last week did the four hour drive to bring D3 home, did laundry for college girls X2, and yesterday the four hour drive to return D3.

As though that were not enough I’m doing all the things that need to be done when one is going to be away from home for a couple weeks – getting the lawn in shape – getting the cars inspected, oil changed, etc. – buying new clothes for a growing, almost 13 year old boy, collecting all the outgrown items (almost everything he owns) and taking them to goodwill, getting appointments for bug guys, alarm system guys, AC guys, dental appointments set – you know, all the stuff that piles up when you are all busy with life in general.

Last night I could not sleep – lay in bed aching from the bottoms of my feet to my shoulders, thank goodness I didn’t have a headache.

I’m tired — deep down, to the bone, tired. I think all this means I’m alive and living in the greatest country on the planet. At least for now it still is…

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