>Can I get out of here please?

>Yes, Mr Kerry you can.  May we show you the door?

And yes Mr Odeargodnobama, things could be worse. Thanks to a few states with Republican governors things are not quite as bad as they could be nation wide. But they could sure be a hell of a lot better – and yes, we started down the hole before you took that oath you ignore, but you are not leading us out sir – you are driving hell bent for leather into the abyss. And don’t think for one minute we are forgetting what you and your cohorts have been up to, or that we have somehow accepted your “change”. On the otherhand – go ahead and continue to disregard and underestimate us. 99 days and counting – Tick freaking Tock!

>Quick, before the whole thing goes belly up again

>Just got an email from himself.  He, D2 and the boy are attending an Eastern Orthodox service at Nevsky Cathedral right now!  I understand – via blackberry – that it is an amazing and beautiful thing.  Oh, the cathedral is in Sophia, Bulgaria.  This time they are globe trotting without me.  More important that the boy get to see these things than it is that I do and we can’t afford to all go.  D2 didn’t get to take either of the trips she tried to plan with fellow recent graduates so this is her graduation trip/gift.

>Slower than Molasses in January

>My internet that is – when it is working at all – erggg
Moving like an old lady on the interstate.

>Logos, Ethos, Pathos and other Musketeers


My daughter sent me this exchange from her email AP English teacher group and suggested I share it with you all – so here you go, a peak into the quality of some of our public high school teachers both good and bad. Spellings and such left as they were sent to me.
The following exchange comes from an email group of AP English teachers across the country.  A discussion began when someone asked about using Michael Moore “documentaries” in class.  I kindly and objectively pointed out a possible ethical concern.  Later in the conversation I also attempted to discuss the definition of documentary and whether or not it, by that definition, required facts with at least an attempt at a balanced presentation, without excessive editorializing.  I, and all others who were clearly uncomfortable with bringing  Michael Moore in to the public classroom,  made purely logical and factual assertions about the subject matter.  And here is where it started to get a little dirty…
Intelligent person:  One question: if Michael Moore’s films were of identical quality, yet put forth an Ann Coulter-type viewpoint, would you teachers be showing the movies?  If Bowling for Columbine were an over-the-top, one-sided, and occasionally fallacious support of the Second Amendment, would you show it to your classes?  If the answer is no, then all of these arguments are simply rationalizations.
Idiot:  “Intelligent person,”
If you took the time to look at the AP guide “Using Film as in Intro to Rhetoric,” you would see that a clip of the film is used in the chapter about logical fallacies. His films are perfect for showing all sorts of rhetorical techniques: the 3 appeals, hyperbole, slippery slope, generalization, stereotyping, inductive and deductive reasoning, satire, paordy, manipulation of the audience, appeals to audience. Good, bad, smart, stupid, and ugly — they are all there.
I would LOVE to use anything by Ann Coulter or Rush Lumbaugh for the same purposes, but they have only the bad and the ugly and the stupid in them.
Me:  “Idiot,” did you just throw the first actual insult?  lol!  keep it civil now 😉
 –see, look at me trying very nicely, with humor, to pull the discussion back to facts—
Smart person:  “I think you just made “Intelligent person’s” point. In your view, there is no good in Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, so you don’t show the films. But don’t they have satire, inductive and deductive reasoning, and appeals to a certain audience as well? If I were to show an Ann Coulter film in my class (which I wouldn’t), I would feel the need to be balanced and show a Michael Moore film (which I definitely wouldn’t).”
Idiot I:  In my view (and in the view of the editors of the handbook designed for the course we are discussing), Michael Moore’s films have both bad and good examples to teach rhetoric.
Nothing by an “Ann-Coulter type” has any balance or intelligence or truth whatsoever. Are you saying differently? Ann Coulter is insane and has never done a second of real research in her life.
Me:  Some *might* say the same about Michael Moore (some claim his insanity; some question every “fact” he touts), if one were going to publish any value judgments like that in such a broad forum — and to date I haven’t seen anyone else here do that.  I for one, however, try my best not to throw insults out there that may offend other educated, thinking professionals of equal value and stature to my own.  I try to deal in facts only.  I don’t believe we have seen any psychiatric reports on Ms. Coulter, and I believe an examination of any of her publishings would yield some vetted facts. 
All of this points exactly to my original post about an ethical slippery slope.  If a teacher’s presentation shows such strong political bias, I believe it is unethical.  Our students are someone else’s children, and their parents have the right to decide how they are raised until a certain age, whether we agree with it or not.  If Billy asks, “well, Mr. Moore addresses this issue in x manner, but Ms. Coulter stated, ‘xyz.'”  Would “Ann Coulter is insane and has never done one second of real research in her life,” be an acceptable response?  In a course that deals with a subject matter of such great power to persuade and create power and hegemony as rhetoric has, I believe we have an added responsibility to choose our materials and commentary carefully.
As a side note, I’m finding the rhetorical content of this debate quite interesting; the mix of logos and ethos, and who employs which.

>Gus’s butt and other fine things

>So, it would seem that Gus’s problem is not skeletal in nature at all .  Whew – great sigh of relief.

He is having intestinal problems severe enough to make him not want to stand or walk (though he is much better in that regard this morning).  He has had a few episodes of relief outside this morning and feels much better for a few minutes each time – he had no episodes at all until this morning.  But of course then he relapses into his pitiful self again.

Not sure if all this was caused by the new Pedigree dental chews I’ve been giving him (and Fiona) the last couple of weeks or the “gourmet” treat he was given when we visited the sheshe dog boutique yesterday – took the dogs downtown for a walk somewhere new for them and so that they could be adored by the masses of tourists… which they were.  Fiona is totally fine and she’s had everything he’s had.

Ah well, hopefully the pills will work quickly and he will be back to his same silly self soon.  Pills beat the heck out of back surgery!  Right now he is collapsed on the kitchen floor again.

>Dang it

>Now the Gus puppy has somehow injured himself.  Don’t know if it is his back or his hind leg(s) but doesn’t want to stand up or walk.  Looks like maybe it is his right hind leg – but corgi backs are often injured.  He was totally fine and playing earlier this evening – but then he lay on the floor in the kitchen whimpering for a while.  I figured it was his usual “ya’ll are starving me and I need food” whimper so I ignored him – a little bit later D3 found him 3/4 of the way up the stairs just sitting and refusing to move.  When she tried to pick him up he screamed.  Can you say “I’m a terrible Mommy!”?

Called the vet already this evening – she takes calls at home bless her heart – and we’ll be at her door in the morning when she opens up.  She says she figures he’ll be fine until then and to bring him right in, not to worry with making an official appointment.  We were able to stand him up and he took a few awkward steps while we talked to her ( in other words not dragging his back end) and he was able to pee when we carried him out and set him down so nothing life threatening happening here.  At least I don’t think so.

Will update in the morning after we get back from the vet.  Poor Gus puppy.  There will be no sleep for me or D3 tonight I’m sure.  Here’s to hoping he just wrenched something in his leg and is miraculously healed come morning.

>Sunshine and Roses – update of a pony nature – and more updatedy of an updatedidatedate nature…


Blogger has made some changes in their publishing format.  Being a technotard of the first order I’m having to relearn a few things – Like this is center aligned and I need to figure out how to get it back to left align. Oh! Just figured that one out, fixed! There are some neat new toys here though – such as color! And strike through
( I even figured out how to use it), have fonts now too (though nothing really fun) and I can mess with text size.
Anyways, for those who are interested in Rose I have two videos for you.  I’m moving on from stills to video! There is hope 🙂 of course the flip belongs to D2 so access is very limited.
Here, for the first time for you to see – Rosalie in a wonderful SOUND trot!
And Rosalie in a lovely canter – until she is asked to stop, but she doesn’t want to stop so she gives you  that saucy little head toss that she does so very well…
For the most part she seems to be well on her way back to all sound all the time.  Still afraid to breath easy – first question every time D2 comes in from the barn – “how was she?”  breath held until the answer “sound”
amendment the first : the rider is D2, Most Valuable Rider of UNC Equestrian Team 2010


>Sometimes my children make me want to pull all my hair out – or maybe all their hair out – or kick them in the butt.

Sometimes other people’s kids make me want to jerk a knot in their tails – both the tails of the kids and the tails of the parents.

Sometimes I want to go to sleep and stay in a dream world, period.

Sometimes I want to sit in a comfortable chair and eat oreos and read books (therefore being out of this world and in a pretend world) for days at a time.


>Voice-mail win



>Ten of theirs spend a week and a half in jail – four of ours spend years and years. Those are some astounding negotiating skills….

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