>Well knock me over with a feather


Justice Elena Kagan’s first vote is against an execution

The newest member of the Supreme Court is in the minority in backing a stay of execution over questions about the safety of a drug to be used in a lethal injection. Shortly after the stay was overturned Tuesday, Arizona executed Jeffrey Landrigan….

A judge had put the execution on hold because she said she was “left to speculate” whether this drug was safe for its intended use.

Ummm, isn’t the lack of safety the point?  Or is it that – whether this drug was safe for its intended use –  means the drug might not kill the person? its intended use, right?

All three of the female justices were in the minority on this vote…

>Taking it back…

>Tell us we can’t pray?

Tell us we can’t say the pledge, or that YOU have nothing for saying the pledge?

What else you gonna try to tell us we can’t do?

Tick tock…

>In the immortal words of Bill the Cat…Ack -oop

>I have been very bad about posting for several months now.  Projects and cleaning continued a pace until this past Monday when relatives from Germany arrived – they were the inspiration for getting so much done since May .  The remainder of the week was spent showing them around the area – this proved more than a little challenging as my trusty rusty decided to die Wed morning and it still sits awaiting a new fuel pump, I’m leaving town so himself can deal with all that.  Had to rent a car to get the relatives out and about as my  7 seater was no longer available.  So, after a few days of doing the mountain tourist thing they are now, as of this morning, on their way  over the mountains to Nashville for a  visit with the ghost of Elvis – then they will visit more family in St Louis, spend a day or so in Chicago and  fly back from whence they came.

Now I am feverishly preparing to host a house concert tonight.  Guests of honor just called to let me know they are running late – as in more than an hour.  But that’s ok, gives me a min to check in here.

Tomorrow they will teach a few workshops here in the morning then as soon as they are done and on their way down the road the boy and I are loading up the rental car and heading down south for that visit with the mouse I mentioned several weeks ago.  We both are ready to get away for a bit.

Hopefully when we are back from our time in the sun – life here will settle back into something resembling a normal rhythm.

Later taters!