>Portrait of a weekend – or, in which random pictures are offered by means of a blog post…


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My exercise buddies, you’ve seen them at this before but this time I took the picture from my perch upon the elliptical.

This shot would seem to say that Fiona is happy about it all.  She isn’t, I just happened to catch her mid pant – Gus’s expression speaks for itself…

Miss Rose is doing well.  At least I think she is.  She’s sound anyway.  Hard to know what is actually happening in her foot without hauling her down the mountain for a new set of x-rays – but the vet assures me so long as I don’t go riding her down a paved road or doing 5 foot jumps (yeah right) she will be fine.  Without that nerve sending signals to her brain she feels no pain anyway – which makes us both happy.  She’s energetic and ready to do far more than her mom is in any shape to do, but with temps in the mid to upper 50s the last several days I’ve plunked my butt in the saddle and we’ve trotted around a bit together.

This is a little corgi I felted, stands about an inch and a half high .

And a felted heffalump… I mean effalent…I mean elephant.

and a woozzle – well, a ‘possum.  He hangs by his tail (as all ‘possums should) from the cork board behind my computer.

After a workout a girl’s gotta lounge about with her chewies and squeeky toys…

And Gus is lamenting his short legs as he cannot reach his tennis ball perpetually under the couch.  You should hear the mournful sounds emanating from his silly self.

And of course, as it is 5:15pm and dinner isn’t until 5:30 pm, a corgi must simply collapse from starvation as the cruel humans force him to wait…

And the beat goes on….

>Yup, I’ma Technotard


To be honest, there are a couple references in here I didn’t get…. yup, I’m that old.

>He said what?

>“Government should not intrude on private family matters,” Obama said in a statement – USA today

What? Like what to feed our kids?  Or how much trans-fat or salt we eat?  Or whether or not we choose to buy health insurance?  Or whether or not we choose to smoke in our own cars or homes (I don’t smoke, I’ve never smoked, I’ve never even tried a cigarette – But I support the right of those who wish to smoke to be able to do it in their own homes, cars, or even open air areas such as IDK…. city parks?)  Family matter such as end of life planning?  How about what sort of light bulbs families want to screw into their sockets?

Oh yeah, I forgot – Government should intrude on ALL family matters except in the instance of abortions…. then government should simply pave the way.  You know, shovel ready projects.  

>Excellence is demanded of all family members…


Finished with his literature for the day, Gus moves on to Algebra review.  After this he’ll have his coffee break, then it is on to Physics….

>One love?

>Love the faces, love the voices, love the beat – hmmm, that’s at least three loves

>Trying something new – updated again

>I have the bug – need to make something, create something, learn something new.

There are a few things I have decided to try.  One is engraving with a rotary tool and the other is painting on dishes in something like a polish pottery type style.

 I have the paints for the dishes (did some research then bought the paints at a large crafty type store yesterday) – but no dishes to play with yet.

Have the rotary tool (ordered it from Amazon, it arrived yesterday) and some bits of wood so I’m starting with the wood thing.

 Also got my own camera yesterday so here is a picture of my first attempts to engrave.  Keep in mind I’ve never done anything like this and I have no idea which bits will work well for the job so there is a lot of experimentation going on and none of this is as clean as I’d like yet.

Did the fish last night, the birds this morning.  I need to find a better way to transfer my designs to the wood.  I can see the design well if I transfer it to the wood without the stain, but then as I work I have trouble seeing what I have carved away because the carved surface is the same color as the uncarved surface.  Staining the surface before I carve solves that problem, but then I can’t see the design I transfered anymore.  I’ll keep at it until I get it figured out.  Though there is only so much wood lying around here for just messing around.

update – another practice project done:

and another