Panny cake, panny cake…

My kid the musician with her steel pan band from Appalachian State.  My kid is the dark haired girl smack in the middle of the front row – she’s leading, though us of the great unwashed would never know it.

Stuff I need

Old wool sweaters – any color or size but must be 100% wool or alpaca – all the better if they have been accidentally shrunk because that is what I’m going to do with them anyway.

Old costume jewelry – broken or not, doesn’t matter – glittery or enamel or pretty much any condition

Empty Altoids tins

Old t shirts in lots of colors – stained doesn’t matter – holes do, if they are in the body – not if they are in the sleeves or upper portion

Old wood embroidery hoops – any size, doesn’t matter

I just don’t want to spend any money to get them…  Christmas projects begin to swirl through the grey matter.

oh yeah –

and Old doilies, vintage linens of any sort from handkerchiefs to aprons to pillow cases, and old Christmas decorations – ALWAYS looking for old Christmas decorations.  You know me and Christmas decorations, we are like this!!

And old tea cups with flowers, singles just fine – saucers would be nice – need, I need I tell you.

And lastly I need time, has anyone noticed where I left my time? I can’t find it anywhere.


OK – adding old little wooden letter blocks, you know the kind – don’t care how many, what condition, or which letters.

You just go ahead and keep the change, m’k?