In no particular order:

  • I am 40ish, have been for a while now and intend to stay that way
  • I have 4 children (only one of which is still a child): 30ish #1 daughter, currently a high school English teacher, #2 daughter 23ish and  no longer wants to remain 19 forever graduate student at NCSU – and getting her teaching creds at the same time, #3 daughter 21 and loving being a music major at Appalachian State University entering her senior year and planning her wedding, and #1 son 14 home schooling but soon to start high school– now head over heels in love with rowing crew.
  • I have done my duty as a parent and brainwashed my children sufficiently such that that they are all conservative as well.  That means, for both himself and I, there are 2 conservatives to take each of our places.
  • I was born an Air Force brat in NM but only stayed there until my father left the Air Force when I was 2.  Spent the next 3-4 years moving back and forth between NC and FL until my parents finally settled in the mountains of NC when I was 6 and have been here ever since. So, I was neither Tar Heel born nor bred, but you can bet when I die I’ll be a Tar Hell dead!
  • Have 2 corgis, siblings but not littermates. Currently 4 and not quite 3 1/2 yrs old.  One male (Gus) and one female (Fiona)
  • Have a pony (Rolo) and a paint mare (Rosalie) Can’t ride much myself anymore cause I’m old and my knees are rebelling. 
  • I have not held a paying job for 17 years now, but I home schooled the younger three of my kids and it has kept me plenty busy.
  • Been married to the same himself for more than 30 years.  High school sweethearts. Yes it can happen and it can last…and last… and last : )
  • I love color, digging in the dirt (to plant flowers), and making things – knit, sew, soft sculpture, needle felting, quilting, needlepoint, embroidery, whatever.
  • I can draw cute cartoonish animals, even made a job of it for a while, but I can’t draw anything realistic or people to save my life.
  • I have passed on my love of creating to all three of my daughters, but my son hates artistic endeavors.  I’m working on him. (update – he is getting better, he likes to draw Pokemon characters and make me jewelry now)
  • I am a pathetic photographer and generally forget to even pick the camera up if I remember to carry it with me at all.  Daughter #3 won a medal at an international music competition (Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann for those in the know) and I have not one picture to document the event.  I am a lousy mother.
  • I hate cooking.
  • 3 of my kids love cooking.
  • I love books, this is a family of bibliophiles. We have bazillians of them.  Pretty much any subject out there we probably have at least one source for researching, maybe more.  History, science, religion, politics, art, music, geography, gardening, cooking, collecting (lots of stuff), architecture, travel, whatever.
  • I’ve been to a lot of places (most of them in the last 20 years or so), thanks to himself who loves to travel.  Been to every state except Hawaii, 8 Canadian provinces, 24 European countries, Turkey, Mexico, Belize, Grand Cayman, Honduras, Chili, Argentina, and Uruguay and Thailand, Burma, Laos, India, and Nepal.  Two of my daughters and himself  have traveled to China and Tibet and daughter #2 has been to Australia. 
  • We see travel as part of our kids’ education and that is how we choose to spend our $$, on their education.  We don’t have a fancy house, we drive cars with over 100,000 miles on them.  We don’t buy fancy electronics, don’t have Tivo or HDTV, extended cable, Blue Ray, or a Wii. Most of my jewelry was made by my daughters. We don’t buy expensive clothes, in fact the girls and I usually shop Goodwill for clothes – or Target.  We don’t eat out much at all, don’t go to movies, and the boy mows the grass.  It helps that himself is good at finding travel bargains!
  • I love cultures and am saddened at the growing movement to make every country and culture the same.  We loose so much in this world when a people loose their traditional heritage.  Love languages, traditional music (all peoples’), traditional dance, clothing, ethnic foods, art, folktales…
  • I’m a dog person, nothing really against cats (barn cats) but they just don’t do it for me, and I’m allergic to them.
  • I am a list maker.  Never journaled, not a writer, but I have lists upon lists.  So I guess this blog will be my first journal. Terrified of recording things someone might read in the future so what do I do? Put it all on-line for the whole world to read… there might be medication for that.
  •  I’d live on ice cream, cheese cake, chocolate (only the good stuff, I’m spoiled and a chocolate snob, will not eat Hershey’s or any other cheap chocolate), cookies, lemon bars, and baked Lays potato chips if I could.
  • I don’t like carrots, spinach, or Brussels sprouts
  • I love pasta, Mexican food, and Asian food.  Oh wait, I already said I like ethnic foods – but there are lots of things I simply will not eat, unlike himself who even ate a bug (well, a grub) in China. He will eat anything.
  • I’m glad everyone is not just like me, world would be a boring place.  But I sure wish more people would think.
  • I expect a lot from people. Tends to upset some folks, but I expect people to be the best they can be and often that is more than folks want to be.
  • There is no longer such a thing as common courtesy.  There just isn’t anything common about it – courtesy is rare.  Sad, that.
  • I don’t really think there is such a thing as common sense either.  Common stupid, yes.  Common lazy.  Common ignorant. Common self-centered.  Those things we have in abundance.  See there goes my mouth…
  • I hate whining.  Just ask my kids.  Not too fond of excuses either.
  • Love my country, always have.  Some of my earliest childhood memories are of praying nightly for the soldiers in Viet Nam.  I am proud of this land and it breaks my heart to see the principles upon which it was founded being whittled away.
  • Wish I could whittle
  • I am terrified of power tools.  Morbid fear of sawing off a finger.
  • That’ll do for now

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