>Nothing much to say yesterday or today. I’m tired, but should write something just to keep things going. Blog a couple weeks then weenie out. Not cool.

Weather was beautiful most of the day today (except for the freakish thunderstorm that came out of no where literally about 3:00)

Bought a bunch of vegetable plants, herbs, and flowers today. Not as many flowers as I have in past years, economy and all, but some. The boy wants to garden so we’ll grub in the dirt tomorrow and put everything in. I generally love grubbing in the dirt, but the last few years I’ve just been too busy in the summer to really get into it so my main goal has been to kill as much as I can. The black eyed susans are spreading like wild fire and the weeds are just more than I can handle. Plus one side of the yard grows a healthy crop of poison ivy and no matter how careful I am I manage to get it on my face 2-3 times a year. Requires quick prescription of prednisone or I get into serious trouble in hours. No fun.

I’m thinking I might put most of the vegies in pots on the deck – and a few herbs back there too. That will help keep the weeds under control in the vegies anyway. No large vegie garden is possible here, most of my yard is just too shady. I’ve tried several areas in the yard and none have proven particularly successful. But the boy had good luck with his one tomato plant on the deck last summer, so maybe that is the ticket.

Right now the garden looks pretty nice. It is early in the year, and I bit the bullet and spread two dump truck loads of mulch in March to help keep the weeds down. Still will be terrible in a month or so, but for now it is rather pretty. Maybe I’ll try to get a decent photo or two tomorrow to share with you, but no promises – a photographer I am not.

I’m boycotting politics right now. I need some peace and lovely things for a few days. I’m all about a clean house, gardening, and maybe reading a book.