>Twisted steel

>Here is what is left of the mangled gate in which my horse got herself tangled. Not ending the sentence in a preposition – did you see that? Test time…

She is still going along soundly though – so lots more trot. Thing is, she is so very sound right now that she is taking her normal big, over reaching steps (which means she reaches farther with her hind legs than her front foot prints) so today – she pulled her front shoe right off. Now we wait for the farrier to come reset, can’t ride without the shoe.

If it isn’t one thing it is ten more…

But she feels really good! And that makes me happy.

>In which life goes on

>Finally getting to let Rosalie spend a little time outside – except today, only her fourth day in the paddock – she decided she needed to leave the paddock, so she tried to jump out – over a four foot high gate – from a stand still. She didn’t quite make it, and tangled all four legs in the tubular steel gate. We’ll see over the next few days how much damage she has done to herself. Right now, it seems to be only a few nasty scrapes, but the vet says it will take about three days before we’ll know if there is possible tendon damage. This horse is truly trying my patience. At least she didn’t break a leg, she certainly could have. Am I supposed to sit there and watch her every minute she is outside? Worse than a baby.

D3 is now engaged. Her boyfriend of the last year and a half popped the question and gave her a ring on her birthday. Thank goodness they don’t plan to actually get married until they have completed their degrees – and I say until he has a job.

Tomorrow the hub, the boy and I will drive a couple hours to visit D3 and watch her play her cello for an opera production. Happy to hear her play, but two hours of opera – not my kettle of tea. I think we’ll then get to watch her steel pan band rehearse, which I truly do look forward to.

One more week to prepare for end of year tests with the boy – then we get back to our regularly scheduled studies. He and I have spent most of the year studying physical sciences – the test is heavy on biology. Our main focus in history is US history – the test is all world history, no US at all. Can’t accuse me of teaching to the test…

Mowed the lawn for the first time this year. Not much to say about that, except it is always a good thing when the lawn mower cranks after the winter off.

I guess that pretty much covers the mundane. You know, mundane is fine with me.

>Scenes from a day in the life..

>Rosalie is finally getting to spend a couple hours a day outside, though in a small paddock, alone, and on “happy juice” (mild tranq)

We had a small scare last week when I finally trotted her for the first time in months and she was a little gimpy. Had to run back to the vet – but the vet says all is well, she is maybe a little stiff from being cooped up in a stall since Dec 3rd and to just go ahead and trot a little every day. We’ll be working her up slowly.

How is that for baby blues?

Then there is school work – the boy is prepping for year end tests – Gus wants to study too

Can you explain that Pythagorean thing one more time?

The real reason Gus jumped up next to the boy is now revealed…



These are my girls D2 and Rosie
Rosie is 10 yrs old. We bought her
shortly before her second birthday
and we have done all her training

Rosie and D2 over fences in better days.
Don’t know how long it will be before she
can sail over jumps again.

This is the boy on our Rolo
Aren’t they cute?

This is years ago D3 on Rolo
after he made his usual ribbon
haul at a show on the Biltmore

Rollie giving D3 kisses.

Now I really must go mow the dandelions.