>Hold your nose and jump…

>Oh goodness, what do I think I’m doing? Well, I guess at the end of the day I need to stop ranting on other folks’ blogs and rant on my own space. Hate being a mooch so here goes.

What this blog will be about? A bunch of stuff. Like most folks, whatever is on my mind at the time. I’ll share shamelessly about my kids cause this is my spot and I can do that. Having as many strongly held opinions on parenting as about politics – probably share a good bit about parenting. If we are to be known by the fruits we bear, when it comes to parenting, must be doing ok ‘cause I’ve raised some pretty amazing kids. I’ll share about my dogs and ponies because they are entertaining, and I like animals more than I like most people, seriously – I’m not a “people person”. I’ll share my travels, we do a good bit of that, but not as much now that the girls are either in college or married and doing their own stuff in the summers. And I’ll share my political and current event observations, opinions, etc.

I’ve considered trying to stay anonymous in this blog, ‘cause I am bound to make folks mad (my mouth has gotten me into trouble my whole life), but that would simply take more energy than I want to expend and would limit the things I can share about my family. So no real attempt will be made to hide who I am. I don’t engage in lots of profanity, but will use a little when it applies. I am not interested in racism or hate speech, people are people – race matters not– but realities are realities and I will tell it like it is. Warning, I can get a bit snarky at times and am a master of smart ass comments and sarcasm.

What matters is what people believe, where they are coming from, their values, how they live their lives, how they treat others. I have no interest at all in “political correctness”. It is banned here. I am no good at being “diplomatic”, to me that usually means lying, either by trying to hide some part of an issue or twisting words to give one impression while actually meaning or believing something else. Disagree? What is your opinion of the average “diplomat”?

I am an unashamed and unabashed conservative. Period. I have been registered as “unaffiliated” since I registered to vote at age 18. I vote in every election, I vote only when I am educated as to whom or what issue I am voting. If you don’t vote, don’t gripe: if you can’t bother to educate yourself, please, don’t vote. I have voted for members of both parties though, as a conservative, obviously, I am more likely to vote for the Republican than the Democrat in any given election. Some people assume unaffiliated means moderate, but frankly the Republican party is often just not conservative enough for me.

I also hate that every third word in this diatribe is “I”!