>snakes, naked, flowers, small victories, and one

>Today makes one year here. First Bloggerversary for me.

Small victory – Rose outside eating calmly, not threatening to jump a gate – sound for three weeks straight now.

The pony is all naked now. He tells me he feels much better, and he is very glad to finally be done with the clippers.

Spring flowers in the yard – spring is by far the best season in my yard.

Love my pink dogwood

And the little snake I almost stepped on while taking flower pictures – don’t know which of us was more surprised.

run away, run away!

Now I must shave the boy’s head, and mow the weeds – I detect a pattern in my activities of late…

>What happens when you cross a crazy lady with a pair of clippers and an unsuspecting hairy pony…



>Keep in mind these books are suggestions for gifts, I’m not saying you should all rush out and add these to your own libraries. I know how hard it can be to come up with a good baby/child gift every now and then – and having been a mother longer than there has been dirt, I am very familiar with a whole host of kids books. Kids books are published at an unbelievable rate, but they are not all treasures.

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses (you knew there had to be a pony book in there somewhere, right?), written and illustrated by Jan Brett – is a special one to us, you’ll see why in a bit. If you are not familiar with Jan Brett’s work, she has written a bunch of good ones and frankly any would make a great gift (On Noah’s Ark, The Mitten, Annie and the Wild Animals, Trouble with Trolls, The Wild Christmas Reindeer and bunches more). Her art has a Nordic flare (remember I love folk art so books illustrated in a folk art style tend to catch my eye), is done in bright water colors. As required by almost any children’s book I would recommend, the illustrations are simply gorgeous – they make you want to either fall in or pick up some colored pencils and give it a try yourself.

Fritz is the story of a pudgy little pony (not unlike my own) who lives in a town where there are many beautiful, high spirited and silly horses who are pampered and decorated to the extreme. He wants to be just like the big beautiful horses but of course we are what we are and he is a rolly polly pony. His sure footed bravery saves the day by rescuing the town’s errant children one by one when the horses all refuse the steep climb and rushing water between the children and their parents. Then, of course, Fritz the hero is beloved by all and pampered himself.

It is a sweet, beautiful children’s book – but mostly I like it because Fritz reminds me more than a little of my own Rolo. Though I am particularly fond of this one, any of Brett’s books would be worth the price of purchase, and I own several – yup me, they are my books not the kids books. But I do share, sometimes.




These are my girls D2 and Rosie
Rosie is 10 yrs old. We bought her
shortly before her second birthday
and we have done all her training

Rosie and D2 over fences in better days.
Don’t know how long it will be before she
can sail over jumps again.

This is the boy on our Rolo
Aren’t they cute?

This is years ago D3 on Rolo
after he made his usual ribbon
haul at a show on the Biltmore

Rollie giving D3 kisses.

Now I really must go mow the dandelions.

>Lovely things

> The view from the saddle. My horse, Rosalie, is in rehab for a serious foot bone issue. She has had her Tildron treatment, new fancy shoes, and takes butte (horsey aspirin) daily. She hates the butte, which we should be able to just mix with her feed but she refuses to eat if the medicine is in there, so I have to force it down her silly throat every day. She needs to be brought back into work very slowly so right now for 30-45 min a day four or five times a week I am supposed to ride her at a walk. That is all well and good, but my knees just scream. The horse is kept for my D2, hopefully in a few more years she’ll be in a position to take over Rose’s care, but right now as D2 is in college it falls to me to climb into the saddle. I’m really too old for this. A kiss for Mommy’s toe….

Stinky pony. His name is Rolo. We’ve had him for about 11 years, D2 trained him herself, then between her and D3 riding him, he went on to win more than a hundred ribbons, most blue or red – plus many division championships and two series championships. He “jumps like a cricket”, for a tiny guy he has a huge heart. Now the boy rides him some but those 11 year old legs are growing very quickly and soon he too will be simply too big to ride our stinky pony.

We’ve had offers for him over the years, even from show judges – had many people at shows tell me he is worth his weight in gold – but I just don’t trust anyone else to care for him, so I guess he’ll be my stinky pony for a long time.

Pony tongue and sweet soft pony eye 🙂

Barn Kitty Missy is rolling in the drive.

Barn Kitty Tux looks dressed to go out.

There are 3 more barn kitties.