First Responders –

You cannot commemorate the tragedy of the day without the heroes lost and the heroes who spent days, weeks, months sifting through the rubble for any tiny bit of remains to return to as many families as possible.

I’ll not taint the salute by saying what I think of their exclusion from tomorrow’s ceremony – but I have an opinion, oh yes I do.

Never Forget

Ani Yisreali

And I stand with Israel.

Dude, give it a rest – plus a few other items of little interest

Listening to all the whining about the Obamination’s vacay is driving me batty – well, not really, but it is causing me to turn off the talking heads.  For goodness sakes guys the eegit gives us plenty of things worth griping about.  His vacation – so long as it is not a hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bash America world trave – is not the place to cash in our bitch dollars.  Seriously, Martha’s Vineyard – Grand Canyon – San Francisco – Hawaii…. Who cares?  At least he isn’t causing more trouble in DC.  Personally, I wish he’d check out more often, for longer periods of time.  Besides, from what I was hearing of his speeches during his Magical Misery Tour he was giving anyone running against him more useful ammo than Carter’s got little liver pills.  I mean seriously guys, he’s riding around on a girl’s bike!  Talk about your photo ops.

So please, Shut the Front Door (love that) and bitch about stuff that matters.  You guys just sound petty with all the “Matha’s Vinyad” (in your best snobby nose in the air better than you accent) crap.


Oh yeah, and he had buszilla built in Canada? WTheck?  ammo guys, ammo.  Somebody want to tell me how you use advanced evasive maneuvers in a freakin bus?  Wanna bet the Secret Service was none too pleased with the whole Buszilla One idea?

The boy is now officially in high school so I expect my blogging will increase significantly.  I’m trying to get my creative juices flowing.  Time to start making stuff again.  For starters I have a wedding to plan and create for.  D3 is to tie the knot June 2, 2012.  I’ll be making her gown and all four bride’s maids’ dresses as well as my own.  Making her veil too – bead trim, each and every bead hand sewn – leaving in just a few to go buy the beads.  We’re making sheet music bags for luminaries, printing our own invitations, making sheet music small cones to hold flowers on the tables, punching butterfly cutouts from sheet music and green and purple paper to scatter about (detecting a theme yet – two musicians getting hitched), attendant gifts to make – and more yet to be decided on.  Perhaps a series of posts on those projects is in order.  Then the India/Nepal series needs to be picked back up.  Don’t think I’m going to have any trouble filling my days.


This applies to far more than breast cancer.

Corgis, frisbees, and smelly things

The season shows signs of changing here – it’s still hot, over 90 degrees today – but the leaves are beginning to change and even a few begin to drop and the driveway is covered in acorns.  Things are changing.
What never ever changes?  Corgis always want to play frisbee.  At least mine do.  Didn’t have shoes on so I stood on the deck and threw the magic disc for them a bit this afternoon.
Waiting with anticipation….

Who can resist a corgi smile?

Run run run…

Gus always drops the frisbee at the base of the stairs – But Fiona will grab it from the ground and carry it up for me.

She is very very fast…

But then Gus finds something gloriously smelly in the grass…

Dead worm?

Or rabbit poo?

That’s It!

The puzzle is solved!

The number 8 signifies Karma! What goes around, comes around!

quote of the day – wish I knew the name of the guy I just heard that from, but the beauty of it cannot be denied….

So there you go. Learn it, live it, love it.

I miss Ronny

“The character that takes command in moments of crucial choices has already been determined by a thousand other choices made earlier in seemmingly unimportant moments. It has been determined by all the “little” choices of years past – by all those times when the voice of conscience was at war with the voice of temptation (which was) whispering the lie that “it really doesn’t matter”. It has been determined by all the day-to-day decisions made when life seemed easy and crisis seemed far away – the decision that, piece by piece, bit by bit, developed habits of discipline or laziness; habits of self sacrifice or self indulgence; habits of duty and honor and integrity – or dishonor and shame.” Ronald Reagan

Summer time, and the livin’ is easy

Epaphroditus Haggis (Charming Sausage) – a.k.a. Gus and Fiona Fledermaus (Princess Bat- it’s the ears) – a.k.a. Princes Fi, a.k.a. Missy Fi enjoy an afternoon of rompin’ good time in the afternoon heat and sun.

This afternoon’s interlude is brought to you by Corgi – if it’s gotta be mine, it’s gotta have bench legs…

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